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Primary School Re-building

Dhading Nepal

07 Oct

Trouble brewing between Nepal with India

Krishna Regmi


Now, the situation in Nepal is bad, politically. We have trouble with our neighbour , India.

After the declaration of the Constitution by Assembly, India closes all the border over the last two weeks (may be they are not happy with our Constitution).


There are shortage of fuel (petrol, diesel and cooking gas).

Around 20 percent transport are running. Lots of restaurant are close because of no cooking gas. Terrible time!!!

If you are planning to visit Nepal, not good time (you mention before that you may visit in October).


Because of this situation, I have not been able to get any decision or repines from Nepali Government or they cannot give say anything about our School project. But rest assure, I will follow through with the villager and Chief of Education Department of Dhading.


Trekking season is very quiet because of this situation. Lots of hiking group been cancelled. We shall just wait and see. Sorry to let you know that all this situation.

Let’s wait and see.


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