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Primary School Re-building

Dhading Nepal

Krishna Regmi,


Today, Indira (from PA Nepal) and I travel to Dhading to do a final inspection of the school re-building. It’s so good to see the children being taught in the classrooms. They are smiling and studying.

Although we have not got the final approval from the local authority in Dhading for teaching yet, I think it won’t be any problem receiving the complete certificate of our school.

Here are some photos.

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Children playing in the school compound

 0_ - Copy (8)_clip_image006

Children studying in the classroom


Thank you to everyone who has helped out, particularly the villagers of mothers and fathers and all the surrounding village people.




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  • Fantine

    I love Nick’s advice he;0r#823e&big fan of him. If you can keep the motion in the hips, go for it, but for most clients and especially beginners they won’t have the segmental control required to do the half-kneeling rotational movements properly (especially with explosive stuff like medballs). So I agree with Nick on that and with you that most explosive rotational work should be trained on the feet.

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