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Primary School Re-building

Dhading Nepal

26 Sep

Bureaucracy and Approval

Krishna Regmi


Sorry for this difficult situation.

I am in always in touch with the teacher of the school and other villagers. They said now, they have new education officer in Dhading district. They said he plan to visit that school area next week.

We have submitted request to them to suggest and to request for the approval for the temporary buildings for the school.

If he is agreeing , then we can start our work. I am waiting his response


If this situation do not improve, there are many other places around to help. But, whenever we involve government school, then we must get approval (permission) from them.. It is same all the area in the region. Our place (Dhading Paharechap) where we are looking to rebuild we must seek approval, but government rule gives us problem. We are seeking permission from education officer of Dhading district.

We can however build semi-permanent/temporary housing structure as per our budget. This will be very good for children.


I shall let you know further next week about this.


Also if this is too complicated, for us to do our part, then maybe we can build houses for the village instead.

This one we don’t need government approval, and don’t waste time, and don’t need to waste money unnecessary for anything to be done. There are 36 houses in Dhading Paharechap.


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