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Dhading School Re-opening Ceremony – AUG Community
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22 Dec

Dhading School Re-opening Ceremony

What a celebration! I am truly humbled. The whole village attended and showered us all, with their smiles, music and truly warm appreciation.

Thanks to all who have helped make this possible…Krishna (our Nepali Guide and Friend), Convent Taiping Seventy six, AUG’s staff and Institution partners, Family and Friends.

Thank you all. Here are some photos of the ceremony.


Unveiling of the banner to officiate the ceremony start



Tin Wong  was invited as Chief Guest , honoured to be there. Let the ceremony begins


A big band comprising of horns, drums, flutes played customary music to welcome us


Everyone from Village Elders, Parents, Students, Children all join in the party.


Students anxiously waiting for the ceremony to start


Getting a bird’s eye view of the ceremony.


Love the colours and pomp to go with the occasion.

Extract from CP and Shirley :-

We are honoured to be invited to a once in a life time event. The official opening of the school at Dhading was made possible by the tenacity of Tin Wong and friends.

We became important “Ministers” that day, the villagers showered us with Music, performances and warm hospitality, a memory we will hold for a long time.

Once again…Dhanya baht Alice & Tin


CP posing a musing shot for Shirley


Don’t mess around with these tough ladies.. they do all the hard work


Nice shot of the village elders


Two of my biggest supporter for the day


A nice amusing shot for the album to reflect the happy occasion


Receiving the plaque with thanks and show of appreciation for the work done


Thank you from the principal


Giving a speech of thank you and feeling very honoured


Giving a speech in Nepali much to the laughter of the crowd


Many prizes to give out, best performing student in each year level, boys and girls equally clever


The Hindu Goddess of Wisdom,Saraswati (, Sarasvatī) Also the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, arts, and learning.


The young students put up some dancing show for our entertainment



We all enjoy it with much laughter and fun


Group photo with students


Group photo with the teachers



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