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Primary School Re-building

Dhading Nepal

08 Sep

Setting the stage to begin the school rebuilding project



Thank you for the update information.  Now, I will need to do planning with timeline and timing for each stage of the project.

Ok, lets aim to start the work in 2nd week of November. ( say around 15th November ?)

I have not done any building project before , so I don’t exactly know where , who and when and which to start planning and preparation work.


Let’s start by knowing that the project will be done by stages:-

Stage #1 – what , where, when who and how  and how much each will cost?

Stage#2 – what will then be carried forward ?

Stage#3 .. as above ?


Now, we need to identify:-

Stage #1 – who are the people to draw the plan, engineers to identify what materials to use, how much materials needed and total costing ..

Stage#2 – timeline for each task, activity to progress.. ie building which first part first, then second, third etc…and how much to cost..

Stage#3 – same as above…


I am submitting the layout plan as per the original school design as before .


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  • Terrah

    I love how you did your fave list! and that IS a great quote…and so true…looking back to years ago, I now enjoy God's blessings that are thisis/nituatgons I prayed for years ago. And YES..there is a kind of rest in giving thanks….God is GOOD! and…enjoy that surprise trip!!

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