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About Us – AUG Community
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About Us

We rise by lifting others

AUG - Community and Charity

As part of AUG’s commitment to giving back to the community, AUG staffs are out campaigning and volunteering their efforts to help out the poor and needy, the aged and the less fortunate. For a number of years now, AUG staff had been involved and worked on a number of projects aimed at helping the community, always encouraging them to get students to partake in it as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

There are many ways each of us can help in our own way. We can donate, we can volunteer, we can participate and lead, we can initiate and delegate and certainly there are partnership opportunities for all of us to take appropriate measure and action upon. In today’s interconnected world, it will be easier for AUG to solicit help and donation. Working with you and your institution can certainly advance our cause and we want to be the platform to connect you with ideas and resources to do a good job.

Here are a number of projects which AUG is dedicated and committed to:

1. Primary School Re-builiding in Dhading Nepal
2. Prisoners Assistance (PA) Nepal
3. Scholarships with AUG Foundation, China
4. Red Crescent Malaysia
5. Good Samaritan Home Malaysia