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A day out with Good Samaritan Home (GSH) kids to JumpStreet, Petaling Jaya – AUG Community
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Good Samaritan Home


17 Nov

A day out with Good Samaritan Home (GSH) kids to JumpStreet, Petaling Jaya


Shane Ang, AUG Subang Jaya



As part of AUG’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), AUG Subang Jaya office staff visited the Good Samaritan home for children on Saturday, 30th October 2015.

Monash University Malaysia was kind enough to donate some money to AUG’s charity event and AUG has decided to utilise this money do some charity event with GSH.

Upon confirming the day out with the kids, Mrs. Ong, the main coordinator for GSH provided us a list of goods items needed for GSH. Few days before the event day, about 7 of us made a trip to Giant Supermarket in USJ to buy the items needed. We break into 2 teams, one team to buy the toiletries and another team to buy the food. Thanks to all Subang Jaya staff who donated some cash for this purchase and to Yen Yen who also contributed for us to buy the electronic items. Thank you all!

gruop1 food


For those who don’t know, Jump Street is the place where you can play indoor trampoline activities. We had the day out with 30 kids plus 2 adults from GSH, 10 of us from AUG, and also 3 from Monash Malaysia (Jenny, Alan, MeiHui). The kids were very excited to play the games like dodge ball, basketball, or even free jumping. The AUG staff and Monash staff joined in together to play, after the trampoline sessions, we head to the Old Town cafe at Jaya One shopping centre which is just 5 minutes’ walk from JumpStreet.

kid5 our staff lunch with kids


We took a group photo all together before leaving JumpStreet.

gruop trampoline kids3 kids4


Lunch finish and the kids went back to their home, some of the staffs also left straight from there.

Then Myself, James, Clara, Steven, and Alan (Monash) went back to office to load up all the items that we bought earlier and deliver to GSH. Mrs. Ong and the kids were very thankful upon receiving the items, and some of the kids help to unload the items from the car too. The day finishes off with a final photo with the kids and the items at GSH.

staff jumping kids kids2



Anyone who would like to know more about GSH or would like to donate items to the home, please find the contact below:

Home address: No. 2, Jalan Jelutong, Taman Selatan, 41200 Klang, Selangor.

Email: goodsh2002@gmail.com

Website: http://goodsh.blogspot.com / http://www.charityheart.org / https://www.facebook.com/goodsamaritanhome.page

Tel: 603-33722289

Mobile: 6013-3528019 (YM Ong/Mrs. Ong)




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