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Primary School Re-building

Dhading Nepal

30 Oct

Relationship between Nepal and India deteriorating

Krishna Regmi



Its Autumn season in Nepal now and it should be a busy season for the trekking but not so this year. There are not many tourists around because of fuel crisis with India and the effect from the earth quake. Even for the few tourists that are currently in Nepal, it hard for us and them to manage the transportation (car) for them to move around the country Its getting worse by the day!!!!.


Last week, in Nepal, our parliamentarians elected two women into two most powerful and strong government’s position. There were the President and the Speaker in Parliament. Hope they can do some change to what is a terrible economic situation already.


Regarding the fuel crisis, it is still the same, with India supplying only 10 percent of the total demand on Nepal. Our supply ministry and Nepal Oil Corporation are trying to get fuel from China but the nearest fuel refinery center in China is 1200 kilometer, which is relatively far from Kathmandu. Plus to complicate the transportation issue, in between Nepal and China lies the Himalayan range, where transportation is needed to cross over 5400 meter high pass. In winter, road will be frozen. So I think, it may not be good option for us to get fuel supply from China.

We all just have to wait and see and hope for the best.


Regarding our project, rebuilding Dhading School progress, here is my latest report.


Last week we had big Hindus festival  (call Dhasain), all the government office close for 1 week and open yesterday. So this coming Monday or Tuesday I will go to Dhading district headquarter with the teacher and some villagers to further sought permission and approval confirmation to our temporary school rebuilding. However I have been briefed that or the confirmation approval for temporary structure rebuilding, they say that the issue permission authorities has to come from the District level (not from Kathmandu).


Will update the news about this, as I have been given the run around!



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