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Good Samaritan Home, Malaysia – AUG Community
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Good Samaritan Home, Malaysia

AUG would like to appeal for any volunteers, good hearted person to involve with us to help out with this Good Samaritan Home in Klang, Malaysia.

Good Samaritan Home (GSH) is a home provided for the care of children such as those who come from broken families or families where the parent is unable to cope with divorce. The home seeks not only provide physical and material needs, but also minister to their emotional and psychological needs. Today, the GSH is home to 38 children!

“Imagine your father comes home drunk every night and he takes it out on your mother. He is not interested in you or the family anymore. All he looks forward to is his next fix. As a 3 years old child, you are oblivious to what is going on, but it has been a whole day since you last had something to eat or drink. You started to feel hungry and thirsty and you look around for your mother but she is nowhere. What you actually don’t know is that after the last beating, your mother decided to leave this family because she cannot take it anymore and she fears for her life”.

(Source from GSH newsletter )

On a yearly basis, AUG staff visit to this home. A full day out to interact, have fun, eat with the kids. Food and other essentials were brought along to help out for the day.

Anyone would like to know more about GSH or would like to donate items to the home, please find the contact below:
Home address: No. 2, Jalan Jelutong, Taman Selatan, 41200 Klang, Selangor.
Email: shane.ang@augstudy.com; james.kon@augstudy.com
Website: http://goodsh.blogspot.com / http://www.charityheart.org /https://www.facebook.com/goodsamaritanhome.page
Tel: 603-33722289
Mobile: 6013-3528019 (YM Ong/Mrs. Ong)

We rise by lifting others

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