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Primary School Re-building

Dhading Nepal

20 Nov

Unsuccessful attempt to get full approval for Dhading School re-building

Krishna Regmi



I am sorry to advice you on this. Despite, many attempts to convince and persuade the Government Officials, I did not get any green signal from the Education Department regarding our proposal to re-build temporary school.as per our design (Temporary one).


I have a trekking group to take to the Annapurna region over the next 10 days and I won’t be in Kathmandu region, should you arrive end of this month or beginning of December?.


When I am back I will try once again, one last attempt to see if they will give permission


If not, we may need to go with our other option that is to help out with Prisoner Assistance Nepal ( PA Nepal) to build their school.. Or alternatively, we can just help to the villagers or try for other places affected by the earthquake?.


I think helping PA Nepal through, Indira’s school and place.is better. Indira’s school is private school, hence no restrictions and regulations and bureaucrats to contend with.

Let me know what you think of this suggestion from me. ?


Sorry for this entire difficult situation.




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