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Update on School Rebuilding in Dhading, Nepal – AUG Community
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Primary School Re-building

Dhading Nepal

15 Feb

Update on School Rebuilding in Dhading, Nepal

I visited Kathmandu again to meet up with Krishna, AUG liaison and contact person on the ground, to gather and get a progress account on AUG’s school rebuilding project in Dhading.

Over the past few months, we have been unsuccessful in this endeavour. This was mainly due to several factors, of which the fuel crisis and the Ministry’s objection to our proposed school rebuilding plan.

AUG has now partnered with PA Nepal to rebuild the school together.


PA Nepal was founded by Indira Ranamagar in 2000. For more information on PA Nepal visit the website www.panepal.org


The attached drawing will serve as a template for the building structure and sizes.


Indira visiting the makeshift tent school still in used, 10months after the earthquake!

Indira talking to the school teacher in charge of it. A cloth partition separates the classroom.

It’s a pleasing sight. The ladies have been trained by Red Cross to supervise all home rebuilding is up to standard.

Indira passionate self-shine in helping out the poor, needy especially the women and children.

Finally the school ground has been cleared of debris and levelled for school building to proceed!

Some of the houses that have been re-built through Red Cross’s help and Government subsistence to the villagers.


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