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25 Sep

Asian Development Bank (ADB) helping out in the project



Any further updates regarding the rebuilding school in Dhading ?

I am wondering what to do next .. ?


I have a few questions and hopefully you can give response to..

  1. The ADB bank, funding has already been given to Nepali government ?  and if so, when ( date/ month)  do they want to start re-building the school ?
  2. Since the Dhading school is so much bigger…  now incorporating all the other 2-3 villages together, (looking at the plan) …. any other villages other than those in Dhading region  that has not been targeted for funding by either “outside”  world bank or Nepali government ?
  3. What is your proposal for us to do with regards to this rebuilding? let the bank ‘s money be used to build this school.. and we play or have no part in the building process.. then we can use our donated money to furnish the finished school, such as  furniture, classroom materials etc… ?? This may take years, knowing how the system works!
  4. If it’s going to take time ( months or years) can we then suggest to the Nepali Government that we build semi-permanent/temporary housing structure  for the children in the meantime  – ( better than the tent , of course ) , so that they have a better classrooms in the meantime ??


The dream gets bigger when there are better problems…


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