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Primary School Re-building

Dhading Nepal

09 Sep

Meeting with the Nepali Education Ministry for project briefing

Krishna Regmi


Today I went to the Nepali Education Ministry in the construction department to get the permission to rebuild the school.

Unfortunately, there will be complications. The officials insisted that we build the school according to their design. This design has already been submitted to them from the Asian Development Bank (ADB). This bank has said they will fund the money to rebuild the school in Nepal and they have submitted a template which is the standard for which if followed the money fund will then be used to rebuild the school.


Looking at the design, it does seem like a bigger task than before. We wont’ be able to follow our design bu it has to be according to this drawing design.

It is for permanent construction, to be earthquake roof hence we need to follow their design. You would agree that this project now is 10 times biegger than our design and will be much more costly than the what we thought. Every step, we take to undertake the rebuilding, we need to follow and take on the engineering design and follow them on site for checking at each progress stage.

Our Nepali Government rule is difficult. I did not think that it will be that complicated.


Here is the design which we should follow:


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