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Briefing with the Villager in Dhading – AUG Community
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Primary School Re-building

Dhading Nepal

07 Sep

Briefing with the Villager in Dhading

Krishna Regmi


The district education department said that in order to build permanent building, we must get permission from the city centre (Kathmandu). I will go tomorrow to city centre department to get permission. This should not be a problem


I have been briefed that the Dhading villagers has decided that the rebuilding of the primary school to be in the same location where the old school had been destroyed. They said the new location, where the temporary tent space may not be big enough to house the school proper.


For now, they have managed to clear some more land near the old school. They said that they need to use bulldozer to make it flat. I told them to do it. They are asking me for the help to pay to bulldozer, I said I will settle that and will see them latter in the week. But in the meantime, they can help to remove the debris and wastage from old school ground.


With the monsoon period nearly over and in two weeks’ time, there will be a chain of festivals celebration.

I think, we can start work only after the 2nd week of November. I will make all the necessary paper ready to start.


For this project, I can be your coordinator. I will let you know all this details after getting final permission from department centre in Kathmandu.

dhading_school krishna_rebuilding plan


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