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Prisoners Assistance (PA)

“Giving prisoners and their children a better today and a brighter future”

PA Nepal is a grass roots organization that seeks to provide basic needs and human rights to prisoners and their children. We are working to transform prisons into places that work to help prisoners build a worthwhile future.

PA Nepal also offers a variety of support programs, including prison welfare visits, housing for rescued children, and aid for struggling families in various communities.




  • PA Nepal was founded in 2000 by human rights activist Indira Ranamagar.
  • The organization has rescued nearly 390 children from the overcrowded, unsanitary Nepali prisons.
  • Currently have connections with 19 Nepali prisons.
  • Indira has been recognized nationally and internationally for her work in prison reform and human rights.

Prison Work


  • Income generating training (handicrafts, farming, etc.) for prisoner reintegration.
  • Support for released prisoners and their families.
  • Regular welfare visits to prisons across Nepal, focusing on groups such as the mentally ill.
  • Day care centers for small children in prisons who are too young to leave their mothers.

Education and literacy programs in the Kathmandu women’s central jail.


Children’s Homes


PA Nepal has created 3 residential homes across Nepal, providing care and support for children rescued from prison. Visits are arranged for children to visit their parents who remain in prison to maintain family bonds.



Main Office: Shahid Gangalal Marg-36 Nayabazar, Kathmandu, Nepal.

Telephone: +97714364896, Cell: 9851040833

Email: enquires@panepal.org /indiraama@gmail.com

Facebook: Indira Ranamagar

We rise by lifting others

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